Posted July 30, 2021


This summer, Palski & Associates taught the Advanced Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Course (ARC) to a group of United States Space Force (USSF) Active Duty and Contractor personnel. Students represented organizations across the Orbital Warfare (OW) career field, and they attended the course as part of their professional development as Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) operators and testers.

Group Photo of Palski Instructors

ARC provides students deep technical knowledge in space-based space control, with a wide breadth of technical skills necessary to effectively procure, deploy, operate, and train RPO systems. The course is taught by a group of Senior and Junior level instructors; a team of professionals who provide decades of subject matter expertise in the OW and RPO fields.  In addition to understanding the technical domain areas, many have operations experience and/or Active-Duty military experience.

Palski Instructors

Jack Anthony Mike Palski

Jack Anthony, former United States Air Force Academy instructor, former 1 SOPS Commander, and one of ARC’s Senior Instructors, stated, "The Advanced RPO Course teaches astrodynamics, estimation, control and spacecraft systems to a high level of comprehension. This in-depth education is a must for all those serving in the Orbital Warfare arena. Comprehension ensures flawless planning, execution and decision making and that is what the Space Force culture must showcase".

ARC Student Class Summer 2021